For Your Consideration: DEFY’s Emmy Contenders

By June 20, 2016 No Comments

We’re so excited for our popular series to be contenders in the brand new Emmy Short Form category for Comedy & Drama, Variety, and Non-Scripted / Reality. Check out the shows below to see why our brands—SMOSH, AWE me, Clevver, and ScreenJunkies—all have series worthy of Emmy nods!

2016 Short Form Emmy Contenders—Comedy & Drama

Part Timers (SMOSH) – The episodic scripted series following the dysfunctional employees of Pork E. Pine’s. Going into its second season, Part Timers continues with the misadventures of the part time employees at Pork E. Pine’s—a pizzeria and arcade long past its prime. Ian suits up as Porky, the beloved mascot, while Anton, the restaurant’s hapless manager, struggles to keep the doors open. Watch an episode.

2016 Short Form Emmy Contenders—Variety Series

Honest Trailers (ScreenJunkies) – No movie or TV show is safe. With its epic voice and biting wit, our Webby and Shorty Award winning series keeps it honest and pokes holes and fun at your favorite and least favorite movies and television shows. Watch an episode.

The Daily Hollywood Rundown (Clevver) – DHR gives viewers a fresh look and recap of all the top trending stories in entertainment. DHR sets the record straight with the latest on Hollywood gossip, entertainment, and celebrity news every Monday through Friday. Watch an episode. 

Every (Blank) Ever (SMOSH) – EVERY [BLANK] EVER is the parody show that pokes fun at everything…ever. Join Ian, Anthony, Keith, Noah, Courtney, Shayne, and Olivia as we throw a big, fat magnifying glass on the ridiculous tropes and hilarious stereotypes from movies, music, technology, video games, and other popular culture. Watch an episode.

2016 Short Form Emmy Contenders –Non-Scripted / Reality

Man At Arms (AWE Me) – In this Webby Award Honoree series, the professional blacksmiths of Baltimore Knife and Sword transform iconic pop-culture weapons from film, TV, and video games into never before seen works of art. Watch an episode.