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Best Practices for Mobile Video Ads

By August 8, 2016 No Comments

Collaborative research from Millward Brown, Tremor Video and IAB identified the most successful qualities of mobile video advertising. The research found consumers of all ages are sensitive to mobile ad clutter; 48 percent of those age 18-to-34 said they see too many ads on their smartphones, while 43 percent of those age 35-to-54 said the same. The device a mobile video is viewed on also affects reaction; while Millennials were equally likely to be impacted by smartphones and tablets, video ads were more effective on tablets when targeting consumers age 35-to-54. Regardless of age, tablet video can be an effective medium to drive consumers to take action; 43 percent were more likely to check out a brand after seeing a tablet ad, compared to 34 percent who were more likely to do the same after viewing the ad on a smartphone.

Ideal ad length varied by generation and screen; while 10-second videos maximized impact among Millennials, 30-second videos had the advantage with consumers 35-54. Yet long videos still might be appropriate for Millennials, because the study found trying to communicate too much in a few seconds lead to confusion and limited message takeaway.