Why it Really is an Honor to be Nominated

By August 11, 2016 No Comments

Emmy voting opens up this Monday, and for the first time there are digital companies nominated. We at Defy are honored that Honest Trailers, a popular program on our ScreenJunkies channel, received a nomination in the Outstanding Short Form Variety category. I wanted to personally congratulate the entire ScreenJunkies team on this accomplishment…while many people might not know it, there is a team of 30 people that work daily to make ScreenJunkies as awesome as it is.

But honestly, this is really exciting for the entire company of Defy and we wanted to thank the Television Academy for continuing to very progressively adapt to the times. They have enthusiastically embraced what we call the content democracy, a world in which quality content can succeed regardless of what platform it has originated within. They have done this from the beginning, embracing first programming from channels, then digital streaming services, and now digital platforms and brands themselves.

In fact, today more than 90 of the nominations in major categories are from cable channels and streaming services, and now 4 new categories have been formed to give quality digital content the recognition it deserves.

Here at Defy we often say “Same Game, New Rules.” We use this to refer to the fact that quality programming is still critical for success and you can’t win without it. But you also need to play by today’s rules. We used a new platform (YouTube) to build ScreenJunkies into the business and brand it is today. In that regard, it served effectively the same purpose for us that many past and presently nominated programs did for their channel brands.

Yes, House of Cards put Netflix on the map for original programming and Transparent ‘s success has been pivotal for Amazon Prime Video. But that is no different from how Mad Men enhanced the value of AMC, Sex and The City and Sopranos did for HBO, and the did Shield for FX….to name only a few.

When Honest Trailers launched four years ago, it was the first monthly series we produced for ScreenJunkies. Today, Honest Trailers is:

  • A weekly show with over 160 episodes under it’s belt
  • Has achieved over 1.1 billion views
  • Has received the praise of creators ranging from Anthony and Joe Russo toTim Miller to James Gunn

But more interestingly, Honest Trailers has enabled us to build up ScreenJunkies itself, which now has:

  • 24 weekly shows across it’s own website, mobile apps and YouTube. Among these are shows that have active participation from traditional media talent. Check out the recent episodes shot with Seth RogenKevin SmithElijah Wood, and Max Landis
  • A thriving paid subscription service, where one of the anchor shows is actually called “TV Fights” in which we debate…television
  • 5.6 million subscribers on YouTube, in addition to our web and mobile audiences

We believe this is just the beginning for ScreenJunkies, as well as for our other major programming brands Smosh, Clevver, AweMe, and Break, all of which we hope will be honored with nominations at some point in the future.

So, we offer up a huge thanks to the Television Academy for recognizing that even though the rules might be new, the game is the same, and that programs like Honest Trailers and those created by our peers deserve recognition. We also offer up encouragement for those who might not know Honest Trailers to take 5 minutes, or an hour as we know you will, to watch some of the ways we honestly approached some of your favorite films or TV shows:

Watch Honest Trailers

-Keith Richman, President of Defy Media