DEFY Brands Earn 5 Streamy Award Nominations

By September 26, 2016 No Comments

We’re so proud that some of our most popular brands and series from SMOSH, SMOSH Games, Clevver, ScreenJunkies, and Prank It FWD have earned a combined five nominations for the 2016 Streamy Awards! The recognition that our creators and brands are receiving is incredibly exciting and much-deserved. We are continuously expanding our programming offerings for these brands, and next year will be going even bigger with more great programming for millions of viewers. Check out DEFY’s contenders below and see why all are worthy of the prestigious award in their respective categories:

2016 Streamy Award Nominees—DEFY Media

Honest Trailers (Writing): No movie or TV show is safe. With its epic voice and biting wit, our Emmy-nominated series keeps it honest and pokes holes and fun at your favorite and least favorite movies and television shows. Watch an episode.

Clevver (News & Culture): A dominant brand of entertainment coverage with a unique spin on entertainment, beauty, and style content, each Clevver channel captures the tone, topics, and relatable talent that young millennial females crave throughout their day. With series that cover up-to-the-minute breaking celebrity news, panel debates, and a hilarious take on beauty trends, Clevver reflects the vast intersection of Internet and pop culture. Watch an episode.

SMOSH Games (Gaming): As the gaming channel expansion of leading digital comedy brand SMOSH, SMOSH Games is driven by comedic personalities and all the fun surrounding gaming culture itself. With a variety of weekly series and fresh daily content, the Smosh Games crew offers up high-octane gaming content that, win or lose, always results in fun and laughter. Watch an episode.

“Prank It FWD” (Social Good Campaign): Prank It FWD pulls positive and uplifting pranks to help people who have faced immense challenges in their lives. Everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Michelle Obama has joined the global PIF cause to spread the message of positivity. Watch an episode.

“Put It In My Mouth” (Food): Tastebuds go for a ride in Put it in My Mouth—a fun food show hosted by the SMOSH crew’s pickiest eater— Noah Grossman. In each episode Noah eats all kinds of different foods that he would never normally eat unless challenged. This bi-weekly series features special guests who join Noah in trying new things, taking chances, and avoiding spitting food into the Bucket of Shame. Watch an episode.