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October 2016

DEFY Media Launches Biggest Programming Expansion To Date

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As promised, DEFY is making good on our NewFront commitment to continue delivering fresh and meaningful content to our millions of viewers. This time it’s our biggest expansion yet: adding to an existing lineup of over 75 regularly produced programs across our brands, 17 new series will premiere this fall, including a rollout of 11 new SMOSH series throughout October (deemed SMOSHTOBER).

A few of our newest series include:


The Big What If: A sketch comedy show that explores the hilarious parallel universes and alternate realities surrounding a single subject. Change one variable and everything could be different: what if Donald Trump was your GPS navigator, or what if Star Wars was shot entirely on Snapchat?

The Show with No Name: Fan-service at it’s best. Every long-form episode features a rotating set of three hosts from SMOSH, Smosh Games, and a pool of special guests, in which SMOSH chooses their favorite fan art of the week and answers user submitted questions from Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Smosh Animated: Classic SMOSH routines and soundbites are brought to life via multiple styles of animation, with Chris Pratt (“Guardians of the Galaxy”) featured in the premiere episode.

Smosh Lab: Learning…on accident. SMOSH super-talent Shayne Topp teams up with an actual scientist to do some crazy science experiments. Every episode features a new experiment, awesome visuals, and a big friggin’ mess.

MariCraft Outlaster: A reality-style series parodying Survivor, this show leverages the popularity of MariCraft with confessional interviews and challenges.

Reality Shift: A virtual-reality spin on gameplay videos in which SMOSH Games talent are in a VR game in real-time, while on-camera viewers comment on the action. The series will feature games on the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and other VR platforms.

Press Start!: Each week, the SMOSH Games crew takes on an episodic storyline-based game to play through as much as possible, or create their own storylines in open-world, multiplayer sandbox games like Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto. At the end of each episode, fans get the option to “vote” on whether they want to continue this story or request a new game.

Game Bang 2.0: Game Bang is upping the ante by turning into a monthly miniseries where points matter more than anything, scores carry over into each episode, and it all culminates into a LIVE punishment at the end of each month.

SMOSH Games Animated: The popular series is now released weekly, with top creators and animators coming onboard to animate classic moments from the SMOSH Games video universe.

Cell Outs: A new adventure-based format of the mobile gaming series rolls out this month. After getting the feel for a game in a strict gameplay setting at the top of every episode, the SMOSH Games crew are whisked to a secret location they don’t know and thrust into a new and exciting adventure that is thematically aligned with the game that they just played.

Board AF: Tabletop gaming is a staple in any gamer’s life and growing in mainstream popularity again. In this show the cast plays every popular board & card game on the market, from Cards Against Humanity to Monopoly–even Dungeons & Dragons.


Get Jacked!: A workout series hosted by high-energy trainer Jarrett Sleeper, in which he puts Clevver hostesses through offbeat, grueling exercise routines inspired by hot topics and celebrities.

After Friday: A long-form recap talk show that features Clevver hostesses catching up on the week’s most talked-about topics, from celebrity drama to style trends.


Character Roasts: From the creators of Honest Trailers, a new series in which comedians roast their favorite pop-culture characters. First up? Captain America.

Read more about our new programming additions in Variety.

AWE me’s Man at Arms Celebrates its 100th Episode!

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Still on fire. Today marks the 100th episode of Man at Arms, the captivating AWE me series in which resident blacksmiths at Baltimore Knife & Sword build real-life versions of iconic pop-culture movie, television and video game props to create never-before-seen weapons. Using scorching furnaces, pounding power hammers, and high-speed belt grinders, these blacksmiths create one-of-a-kind weapons—and then of course test them.

In this special episode, the blacksmiths create the menacing Warhammer 40K Chainsword–a sword with powered teeth that, similar to a chainsaw’s, run along a single edged blade.

Averaging more than 1.5MM views per episode, Man at Arms continually impresses and amazes passionate pop-culture fans–and this episode does not disappoint. Be sure to check out the action yourself to see how the team made it happen.

DEFY Media Announces Fall Programming Slate, Expands with 17 New Original Shows across Top Digital Networks

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Company kicks off largest video and social programming effort to date with Smoshtober, followed by new series from Clevver and ScreenJunkies  

(Los Angeles, CA) October 4, 2016- DEFY Media, the top digital producer and programmer focused on the influential 13-34 demographic, today kicks off an extensive slate of original programs with the launch of Smoshtober, introducing brand new shows across multiple SMOSH channels, along with original series from Clevver and ScreenJunkies set to air later this fall.  The expanded programming schedule marks the company’s most aggressive production pipeline to date, as the company builds on recent momentum to deliver even more content to a growing audience that now counts over 70MM YouTube subscribers and 100MM social followers.  DEFY currently produces over 75 original weekly and bi-weekly series.

In addition to new programming across its owned channels, DEFY will leverage the new series for growing partnerships with both new media companies and traditional cable/telecom operators entering the market with SVOD, OTT, and streaming services.  DEFY has seen significant and rising demand for its content which can currently be found on more than twenty video platforms including  Comcast Watchable, SKY TV, Verizon’s go90, Amazon Prime, PlutoTV and Spotify, among others.

“At this year’s NewFronts, we made a commitment to bring 30 new shows to market. Just five months in, we’re delivering on that promise with the launch of multiple new programs across DEFY’s top brands, proving significant audiences and an appetite for more of the content they’re passionate about,” commented DEFY’s Chief Content Officer Barry Blumberg . “Following DEFY’s recent funding round, we’re incredibly energized to immediately leverage the capital to fuel more quality programming and accelerate platform opportunities that will extend our content further to a global audience.”

The first series to debut come under the SMOSH network of brands.  Smoshtober kicks off the comedy powerhouse’s largest programming effort ever, adding 11 weekly series across its multiple channels and more opportunities for the new SMOSH cast, who were introduced last year in Every [Blank] Ever. That series, which quickly became SMOSH’s most watched show averaging close to six million views per episode , marked SMOSH’s first new show in a decade and the expansion of its “SNL” model cast.  SMOSH continues to diversify their comedy brand following its successful first live programming venture SMOSH Live, which has garnered over 2.5MM views to date and is ranked among YouTube’s most viewed live events.

CLEVVER will add four new series following a record year of growth which saw the brand’s subscriber base catapult to over 10MM subscribers, a notable fifty-four percent audience increase since 2015.   Screen Junkies introduces a new format to its current line-up of 27shows across YouTube and ScreenJunkies Plus with Character Roasts.



    • THE BIG WHAT IF: One subject. Infinite possibilities. Change one variable and everything could be different! What if DONALD TRUMP was your GPS navigator? What if STAR WARS was shot entirely on SNAPCHAT? What if MARIO was actually written by SHAKESPEARE? This show will explore all of these possibilities and more.
    • SMOSH Animated: Hilarious stories and sound bites from classic SMOSH content are brought to life through this brand new animated show.
    • SMOSH LAB: pairs SMOSH super-talent Shayne Topp with an actual real life scientist as they conduct insanely kick ass science experiments. What could possibly go wrong?! Every episode will feature a new science experiment and a big friggin’ mess. It’s learning… on accident.
    • MARICRAFT OUTLASTER: Leveraging the Maricraft popularity and doubling down on the story-driven content with more of a ‘reality show’ feel, this show includes confessional interviews and challenges each week.
    • REALITY SHIFT: Capitalizing on the growing popularity of Virtual Reality, SMOSH Games break the concept of the typical gameplay video by introducing a “Mixed Reality” format which puts SMOSH Games talent into the virtual game in real-time, while giving on-camera viewers the ability to comment and joke. SMOSH Games will use this format to explore the games of HTC Vive, PSVR, Oculus Rift, and other emerging platforms!


    • Get Jacked!: A pop culture-centric workout series that is entertaining, inspiring AND instructional! Each episode follows high energy agro-trainer Jarrett Sleeper as he puts Clevver hostesses through an offbeat yet grueling exercise routine inspired by hot topics and celebrities. It’s tongue-in-cheek, but the fitness tips and tricks, heart-pumping moves, and sweat-drenched aftermath are very, very real!
    • After Friday: A long-form, conversational re-cap show that has the vibe of a few friends getting together over coffee to catch up on the week’s most talked about topics in your news feed. From celebrity drama to style trends to trying out the new weird menu item from Taco Bell – our hip and cozy Clevver patio is the pre-party to your weekend pre-party.


  • Screen Junkies
    • Character Roasts: Comedy specials from the creators of the Emmy Nominated series Honest Trailers, where comedians come in to roast their favorite pop culture characters – but, with a twist. While the show will match the format of Comedy Central’s Friar’s Club, our roast subject and our dais will be full of popular pop-culture characters all playing in that fictional universe. First roast – Captain America!

Blumberg added, “This truly collaborative effort marking DEFY’s largest slate launch is testament to the stellar talent of our brand teams as we continue to advance our production and programming to satisfy the content demands of a loyal viewing audience.”