AWE me’s Man at Arms Celebrates its 100th Episode!

By October 17, 2016 No Comments

Still on fire. Today marks the 100th episode of Man at Arms, the captivating AWE me series in which resident blacksmiths at Baltimore Knife & Sword build real-life versions of iconic pop-culture movie, television and video game props to create never-before-seen weapons. Using scorching furnaces, pounding power hammers, and high-speed belt grinders, these blacksmiths create one-of-a-kind weapons—and then of course test them.

In this special episode, the blacksmiths create the menacing Warhammer 40K Chainsword–a sword with powered teeth that, similar to a chainsaw’s, run along a single edged blade.

Averaging more than 1.5MM views per episode, Man at Arms continually impresses and amazes passionate pop-culture fans–and this episode does not disappoint. Be sure to check out the action yourself to see how the team made it happen.