DEFY Media Launches Biggest Programming Expansion To Date

By October 19, 2016 No Comments

As promised, DEFY is making good on our NewFront commitment to continue delivering fresh and meaningful content to our millions of viewers. This time it’s our biggest expansion yet: adding to an existing lineup of over 75 regularly produced programs across our brands, 17 new series will premiere this fall, including a rollout of 11 new SMOSH series throughout October (deemed SMOSHTOBER).

A few of our newest series include:


The Big What If: A sketch comedy show that explores the hilarious parallel universes and alternate realities surrounding a single subject. Change one variable and everything could be different: what if Donald Trump was your GPS navigator, or what if Star Wars was shot entirely on Snapchat?

The Show with No Name: Fan-service at it’s best. Every long-form episode features a rotating set of three hosts from SMOSH, Smosh Games, and a pool of special guests, in which SMOSH chooses their favorite fan art of the week and answers user submitted questions from Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Smosh Animated: Classic SMOSH routines and soundbites are brought to life via multiple styles of animation, with Chris Pratt (“Guardians of the Galaxy”) featured in the premiere episode.

Smosh Lab: Learning…on accident. SMOSH super-talent Shayne Topp teams up with an actual scientist to do some crazy science experiments. Every episode features a new experiment, awesome visuals, and a big friggin’ mess.

MariCraft Outlaster: A reality-style series parodying Survivor, this show leverages the popularity of MariCraft with confessional interviews and challenges.

Reality Shift: A virtual-reality spin on gameplay videos in which SMOSH Games talent are in a VR game in real-time, while on-camera viewers comment on the action. The series will feature games on the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and other VR platforms.

Press Start!: Each week, the SMOSH Games crew takes on an episodic storyline-based game to play through as much as possible, or create their own storylines in open-world, multiplayer sandbox games like Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto. At the end of each episode, fans get the option to “vote” on whether they want to continue this story or request a new game.

Game Bang 2.0: Game Bang is upping the ante by turning into a monthly miniseries where points matter more than anything, scores carry over into each episode, and it all culminates into a LIVE punishment at the end of each month.

SMOSH Games Animated: The popular series is now released weekly, with top creators and animators coming onboard to animate classic moments from the SMOSH Games video universe.

Cell Outs: A new adventure-based format of the mobile gaming series rolls out this month. After getting the feel for a game in a strict gameplay setting at the top of every episode, the SMOSH Games crew are whisked to a secret location they don’t know and thrust into a new and exciting adventure that is thematically aligned with the game that they just played.

Board AF: Tabletop gaming is a staple in any gamer’s life and growing in mainstream popularity again. In this show the cast plays every popular board & card game on the market, from Cards Against Humanity to Monopoly–even Dungeons & Dragons.


Get Jacked!: A workout series hosted by high-energy trainer Jarrett Sleeper, in which he puts Clevver hostesses through offbeat, grueling exercise routines inspired by hot topics and celebrities.

After Friday: A long-form recap talk show that features Clevver hostesses catching up on the week’s most talked-about topics, from celebrity drama to style trends.


Character Roasts: From the creators of Honest Trailers, a new series in which comedians roast their favorite pop-culture characters. First up? Captain America.

Read more about our new programming additions in Variety.