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Lifestyles of the Best and Brightest Millennials

By November 9, 2016 No Comments

Upwardly mobile Millennials are a sought-after demographic for marketers and advertisers, so when Forbes publishes its 30 Under 30 list, many take note. This year, Forbes went further and surveyed approximately 500 Millennials—all nominees on the list—to gain insight into this demographic group’s beliefs, habits and communication preferences. As reported by Adweek, when asked about the most important attribute when buying from a brand, 42 percent of Millennials said quality is the most important. Other key attributes included: personality fit (26 percent) and value for the money (24 percent). When asked where they do most of their shopping, 65 percent said online on their laptops, 10 percent said online via mobile, and 25 percent said in person. With regard to how they spend their money (outside of rent and housing), Millennials said they spend on dining out (45 percent) and travel (31 percent). Interestingly, just over half (53 percent) said their biggest financial regret is not saving enough money.

Looking at other questions, the study revealed Millennials were relatively divided on larger-scale issues. When asked what they felt was the largest problem facing the world today, 27 percent said global warming, 24 percent said terrorism, and 22 percent said the economy/recession. Despite these concerns, 97 percent said they are optimistic about the future, and 80 percent said they believe in the American Dream.