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Why Are Millennials Not Investing?

By November 9, 2016 No Comments

Millennials, the biggest generation with over 75 million people, are choosing not to invest. To better understand why, Stash partnered with Harris Poll and conducted a survey of Americans (age 18 to 34). Of all the Millennials surveyed, 79 percent said they do not invest. Of Millennial women, 85 percent said they do not invest. So what is preventing Millennials from investing? Sixty nine percent of Millennials and 76 percent of female Millennials find investing confusing with all the fancy jargon and overly complex charts. Additionally, Millennials are turned off by investing because they think it takes a lot of cash. Forty one percent of participants felt they do not have enough money to invest in the stock market at this time and 70 percent felt they need at least $100 to start investing, while 38 percent felt they need at least $1,000. Furthermore, Millennials have been alienated by Wall Street practices. As a result, one third of Millennials (37 percent) said they would trust a payment app more than a traditional investment firm with their money. Finally, Millennials want choice, but not too much. Ninety percent said if they were to invest in the stock market, it would be important or very important for them to decide on companies or funds in which to invest their money.