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All Ages Agree on Positive Effects of Retail Therapy

By November 18, 2016 No Comments

Ebates, an online cash back shopping platform, conducted a shopping survey that found 96 percent of adults and 95 percent of teens admit they participate in retail therapy. When it comes to which items Americans choose to buy when indulging in retail therapy, adults (56 percent) and teens (68 percent) agreed that buying clothing makes them feel the happiest. After clothing, 42 percent of adults said entertainment purchases make them the happiest, while 51 percent of teens said the same about electronics.

The survey revealed shopping to be an emotionally positive experience; 85 percent of American adults and 86 percent of teens admitted it makes them feel better. More than one third of American adults said shopping makes them feel better, followed by working out (36 percent) and eating ice cream or other sweets (34 percent). Teens responded similarly, choosing shopping over eating ice cream or other sweets (37 percent), working out (36 percent) or pizza (35 percent). American adults (66 percent) and teens (75 percent) agreed that it is a great cure for boredom. Almost half of adults (41 percent) and one third of teens (36 percent) also admitted to shopping while watching TV or while they have insomnia (24 percent of adults and 31 percent of teens). Approximately 75 percent of American adults shop online when there is something specific they need or when they find a great deal they cannot pass up (69 percent). Almost two thirds of American teens admitted to shopping when they find a great deal (64 percent) or when there is something they need (63 percent).