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The Pursuit of Personalized Content

By November 18, 2016 No Comments

Consumers want content that is meaningful, helpful and valuable to their specific needs and interests, but equally important is their desire to seek it out themselves. Research from Rapt Media found that beyond the ability to seek it out, content needs to be personalized in a way that allows consumers to customize, navigate, click and control it. Sixty one percent said even if content is customized, they still prefer to find it on their own. Furthermore, 46 percent said content they find on their own influences their purchase decision, while just five percent said ads influence their purchasing decisions.

Millennials show an even greater mistrust than other generations for pushed content: 57 percent of Millennials block ad content because it is too pushy compared with 38 percent of those over 54. Forty two percent of Millennials said they would spend more time reading or viewing content if they could tailor it to their interests versus 28 percent of those over age 45 who cite the same reason. Similarly, 30 percent of Millennials said they would tell friends about a brand or company compared to just eight percent of those over 60. Sixty percent of Millennials said they would be more likely to make a purchase after spending more time engaging with content, versus 44 percent of those over age 30.