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A Generation of Streamers

By December 12, 2016 No Comments

As a powerful consumer group, understanding the nuances of Gen Z is of the utmost importance for today’s marketers and retailers. As the first generation born in the 21st century, this age group of 13 to 18 year olds has grown up with technology at their fingertips, access that has majorly impacted their media habits. According to research from Civic Science close to half of Millennials (those 18 to 34) stream TV shows or movies every day, but Gen Zers stream their TV and videos just as much as they watch TV live (or DVR) each day. Fifty-one percent spend more than one hour per day streaming TV/videos while 52 percent spend more than one hour per day watching TV. Compare this to the 60 percent of Millennials who spend more than one hour per day watching TV.

Although Gen Z doesn’t spend as much time as Millennials watching TV each day, they are surprisingly more engaged with what they are watching. Nearly 40 percent of Millennials are distracted by a second screen and are looking at content that isn’t related to what they are watching. That’s compared to 31 percent of Gen Z viewers who are distracted while watching TV, meaning at least 31 percent of this prime audience may not be paying attention to TV advertising.

Overall, Gen Z spends more time streaming music. Pandora and Spotify are top players when it comes to listening to music, and Gen Zers are 33 percent more likely than Millennials to listen to Spotify more than five hours a week. However, when it comes to streaming music on Pandora, both groups behave similarly: 12 percent of Gen Zers listen to Pandora more than five hours a week compared to 13 percent of Millennials. About 21 percent of Gen Z consumers pay for their music streaming, but roughly 56 percent listen to free services, which is in line with Millennials’ behaviors. Since the majority of Gen Zers and Millennials are listening to the free versions, they are hearing numerous advertisements throughout the week. This may be a good advertising avenue to reach these younger consumers.