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Over Half of Millennials Do DIY Crafts

By December 12, 2016 No Comments

The popularity of online arts and crafts communities is inspiring Americans to share and sell their own creations, especially among Millennials. Research from Mintel shows 45 percent of older Millennials (age 30 to 39) sold an art/craft project they made through an online shop in the past year, compared to 18 percent of consumers overall. In addition to sharing and selling arts and crafts online, nearly three in five (55 percent) older Millennials use online videos to learn an art/craft skill or technique compared to one third (33 percent) of Americans overall. Two in five (39 percent) Americans use YouTube, while one third browse Pinterest (33 percent) or conduct online searches (31 percent) for crafting inspiration. While 41 percent of consumers make gifts by hand for someone else, rising to 58 percent of older Millennials, only three in 10 (27 percent) Americans consider themselves DIY-ers.

With three in five (58 percent) consumers participating in a craft activity in the past year, there is a large audience of crafters in the US. The most popular crafting activities among Americans are photo crafts (18 percent) and cake/dessert decorating (18 percent). Arts and crafts are especially popular among parents, with 76 percent crafting an item in the past year. Further, two thirds (67 percent) of parents make art/craft projects with their kids, and three in 10 parents select cake/dessert decorating (29 percent) as their activity of choice.