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Snail Mail Is Coming Back For Younger Generations

By December 12, 2016 No Comments

Often overshadowed by the preceding generation, the iGeneration is finally coming into their own, edging in on Millennials’ turf as a key consumer demographic with their own unique set of characteristics. Among them is a love of direct mail as research from Mintel reveals that 83 percent of younger iGeneration (age nine to 17) “love getting stuff in the mail.” Living up to their reputation of being extremely tech savvy and constantly connected, 68 percent of iGeneration, also referred to as Generation Z, post selfies online. What’s more, half (50 percent) of iGens have used only images/pictures to communicate, including three in five (60 percent) younger iGens who have used only emojis to communicate.

As technology continues to play a pivotal role in the lives of younger consumers, dependence on social media for communication is apparent: 52 percent of younger iGens have provided a peer their social media handle in lieu of a phone number. However, they take precautions when sharing information online, with 56 percent keeping their social media profiles private and one third (34 percent) posting on anonymous social media platforms. Being tech-obsessed, these consumers highly value personal connections. Three in four (73 percent) older iGens say that they need to spend time in-person to feel connected to others, while 58 percent of younger iGens need to talk face-to-face to feel connected. Additionally, the data shows younger iGens think highly of themselves but not necessarily their peers. Younger iGens associate positive characteristics such as “hard-working” (37 percent), “responsible” (54 percent) and “smart” (70 percent) with themselves, but associate less flattering characteristics such as “busy” (27 percent), “trendy” (38 percent), and “always on a cell phone” (52 percent) with their peers.