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Affluent Millennials Spend Most Time Online

By January 4, 2017 No Comments

Research by Ipsos as reported in eMarketer found that of individuals from all income levels, the affluent spend the most amount of time on the internet on a regular basis. And among the affluent, Millennials spend the most time online in comparison to other groups. For instance, affluent millennials spend approximately twice as much time online as seniors with the same income level. Millennials with a household income of approximately $100,000 spend 53 hours online weekly, more than any other age group. For the sake of comparison, the average adult in the United States spends a total of five hours and 42 minutes online daily, two hours 49 minutes via desktop/laptop and two hours 30 minutes on smartphone/mobile. Affluent millennial internet users spend a total of 7.5 hours online each day, more than their counterparts Gen Xers (6.5 hours), baby boomers (5.3), and seniors (4 hours).

The research found that mobile activities were popular among the affluent. The two most popular activities were sending and receiving emails (72 percent) and using apps (72 percent). Other popular smartphone activities among this group included: checking the weather (69 percent), looking up directions or maps (69 percent), and taking/sending/receiving/posting pictures (58 percent).