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Millennials Prefer Snapchat Over Instagram

By January 4, 2017 No Comments

A survey by Adweek commissioned by Survata found that Millennials (age 13-34) prefer Snapchat over Instagram. When asked if they could only have one app, what they would choose, 51 percent said Snapchat while 49 percent said Instagram. Sixty-four percent of respondents thought Snapchat was “cooler” versus 36 percent who felt Instagram was “cooler”. When asked which app has better features, 67 percent said Snapchat, whereas 33 percent said Instagram.

Although Snapchat is more popular among Millennials, Instagram appears to be better for advertising purposes. Respondents reported seeing more ads on Instagram than on Snapchat. Six percent of respondents reported seeing 50 ads on Instagram, while 5 percent reported seeing this same amount on Snapchat. Fourteen percent reported seeing 20 ads on Instagram, while 8 percent reported seeing this number on Snapchat. And finally, 24 percent of Millennials said they saw 10 ads on Instagram, while 17 percent said this number on Snapchat.

When asked about seeing specific ads, more respondents recalled seeing them on Instagram than on Snapchat. On Instagram, 37 percent reported seeing specific ads, while 63 percent did not. On Snapchat, only 26 percent of respondents reported seeing specific ads, whereas 74 percent did not.