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Millennial Men Myths Busted

By January 30, 2017 No Comments

The majority of research has focused on millennial women. Knowledge on millennial males has primarily come from old stereotypes. However, today’s male differs greatly from his predecessors. Research conducted by Viacom on 14- to 24-year-olds highlighted four myths about millennial males and how they are highly inaccurate.

Myth #1: Millennial males don’t care about their appearance on social media.

Getting the perfect selfie is not just something millennial women aspire for. In fact, seven out of ten males care just as much as women do about the images they post of themselves on social media. With certain celebrities like Kanye West and Drake, who make it acceptable for a man to be fashionable, this generation of men are encouraged to show off their personal styles.

Myth #2: He’s not into happily-ever-after.

Millennial males have less of the male macho personality—especially when it comes to marriage. They are comfortable showing their sensitive sides. Thirteen percent of the men surveyed were already married. In addition, 63 percent said they would like to get married someday.

Myth #3: They’re unambitious beta males.

The stereotype of this generation is that they do not have jobs; instead, they are ‘hustlers’. The research revealed that this is not the case at all. Millennial males aspire to have well-paying jobs. In fact, 84 percent of them said they wanted to make a lot of money. Many are utilizing their skills in the gig economy by freelancing. They use Facebook both as a storefront and marketing channel. Many (58 percent) millennial males work very hard because they feel they are at a disadvantage since they came of age during the recession.

Myth #4: Being the breadwinner is a given. 

Millennial men do not believe that women should stay at home and just take care of children. Instead, they find an ambitious woman to be very attractive. They absolutely do not mind a woman working and bringing in income as well. In fact, 88 percent said they felt comfortable with their significant other making more money than they do. These men are not necessarily house-husband. They are go-getters as well. The alpha/beta distinction has become non-existent with this generation.