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Messaging Apps Changing the Way We Communicate

By February 16, 2017 No Comments

A consumer survey conducted by MetrixLab revealed how messaging apps are changing the way we communicate with one another. Metrixlab surveyed 4,000 smartphone users across four countries—the US, the UK, France and The Netherlands. The research found that messaging apps are replacing texts and phone calls. When it comes to text, this trend is most prevalent for Generation Y—67 percent of them reported using messaging apps as a replacement for text messaging. Approximately 63 percent of Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers also reported replacing texts with messaging apps. Messaging apps are also replacing phone calls—with 67 percent of Generation X and 66 percent of Generation Y reporting that they use messaging apps as a replacement for calling others.

In terms of most installed messaging apps, Facebook is leading the way. A total of 63 percent of respondents reported that they have it installed on their smartphone. WhatsApp comes in a close second with 61 percent. Both Skype and iMessage are in third place with 27 percent of respondents reporting to have installed it. And finally, Snapchat is the least installed messaging app with only 27 percent saying they installed it. Of all the messaging apps, Skype appears to be the only one to have universal appeal across all three generations: Generation Y (32 percent), Baby Boomers (29 percent), and Generation X (27 percent).

When it comes to security, respondents perceived Snapchat as being the least secure app. Only 26 percent of respondents reported feeling that their data was secure with Snapchat. Respondents perceived WhatsApp as being the most secure app with 48 percent saying that they thought their personal data was safe. Approximately 37 percent of respondents felt that their data was secure with Facebook Messenger.