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Cracking the Digital Habits of the Millennial Male

By February 23, 2017 No Comments

Research conducted by Videology examined media consumption patterns of men aged 18 to 34. The research revealed that millennial men are incredibly digital. Many of them reported that they either no longer rely on cable or will not be relying on cable in the future. Approximately 53 percent of them have already “cut the cord” and disconnected their cable services. An additional 14 percent reported that they plan to “cut the cord” in the upcoming year. Only about a third (33 percent) of millennial men plan to continue paying for cable in the upcoming year. Further, millennial males said they would prefer to give up cable than to give up streaming. Three-quarters (75 percent) reported that they would rather give up cable, whereas only a quarter (25 percent) said they would rather give up streaming.

When it comes to watching movies, streaming is king. Approximately 61 percent of millennial males said that they stream movies. Of this 61 percent, 27 percent reported streaming on a computer or mobile device. A little over a third (34 percent) said that their primary way to watch movies is through a connected device.

When it comes to TV shows, there was a relatively even split across modes. About 17 percent of respondents said that they prefer watching TV shows on a computer. Another 27 percent said that they prefer watching TV shows on TV when they air. Further, 26 percent reported that they prefer watching through a connected device.

For news, millennial males prefer to go online. Approximately 43 percent reported going on a website and 21 percent reported going on social media for news. Only 13 percent of respondents said that they watch TV news and only 5 percent read printed news.