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Millennials and Vacation Shaming

By March 13, 2017 No Comments

Vacation shaming refers to feeling guilty or experiencing shame from coworkers when taking a vacation. Research from Enterprise Holdings revealed that Millennials, compared to other generations, are most likely to experience vacation shame. Of the employed Millennials in the survey, 59 percent reported feeling shame for taking or planning a vacation compared to 41 percent of individuals 35 or older. Not only are Millennials the most likely to be vacation-shamed, but they are also the most likely to shame others. Approximately 42 percent of Millennials reported that they shamed their coworkers whereas only 22 percent of those 35 or older said they did so.

The consequences of vacation shaming could likely lead to individuals not using their well-deserved vacation. Approximately 56 percent of respondents surveyed reported receiving paid vacation as a benefit from their employer. However, 41 percent said they still do not use all of their vacation days. Of those who reported having unused vacation days, 40 percent said they had five or more vacation days left.

Respondents provided two main reasons for not using their vacation days. Some respondents said they had a desire to roll over their vacation days for a longer vacation in the following year. Other respondents reported that they were too busy to take time off from work.

There is a gender disparity in the use of vacation days. Women are more likely to use all of their paid vacation days. Sixty-three percent of women reported using all of their vacation days. Only 52 percent of men reported doing so.