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Gen Z Comprised of Tolerant Techies

By March 20, 2017 No Comments

Research by Nickelodeon as reported by Kidscreen examined the technology habits and behaviors of the Gen Z demographic.  The research revealed that this generation is not an introverted group. Rather, they are very social but through digital means. Respondents reported that on average, they have not met 60 percent of their Facebook friends in real life. They are also highly likely to consider digital friends, whom they have never met, as being part of their social circle.

Friendliness and openness appear to be a strong characteristic of Gen Z. Approximately 93 percent of respondents reported having a friend from a different group. Eighty-one percent reported having a friend of a different religious affiliation. Because of this, this generation is more tolerant and it values social causes.

Gen Z individuals are also very tech-savvy. Approximately 40 percent of them reported owning a tablet and 17 percent reported having a smartphone. With the older Gen Z respondents, there is a general shift from content consumption to content creation. Respondents have embraced a “maker” mentality such that they create things if such items do not already exist.

Finally, Gen Z individuals tend to be closer to their parents. Many of them reported that their parents were their best friends and that they were greatly influenced by their parents. When asked to choose their role models, the respondents said: mom (78 percent), dad (58 percent), grandparents (26 percent), YouTube stars (19 percent), and teachers (18 percent).