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Millennials Rejecting Brands for Surprising Reasons

By April 12, 2017 No Comments

A survey conducted by YouGov and GT Nexus (an Infor Company) examined brand loyalty among Millennials (18- 34 year-olds) in the United States. The survey revealed at 67 percent of the Millennials surveyed switched one of their favorite brands in the last 12 months. However, the reasons behind the switching were not a result of consumer-facing market factors such as: social media presence, mobile apps, or a cool website. Only 9 percent said the lack of social media presence contributed to them switching brands. And only 7 percent reported that lack of a mobile app or lack of a cool website compelled them to leave a brand.

Instead, Millennials’ disloyalty results from “behind-the-scenes” factors relating to operations, logistics, and supply chain management. For example, Millennials are heavily concerned with product quality and availability. Approximately 49 percent cited product quality problems as a reason for abandoning a brand. Forty-four percent reported product availability as being a reason for switching from one brand to another.

For Millennials, treatment of workers and the environment also matter. Thirty-two percent of respondents reported that they would turn away from a brand that does not treat their employees well or pay them fairly. In addition, 27 percent said they would switch brands if a particular product was not environmentally friendly.