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Millennial Views on Gender and Workplace Leadership

By July 11, 2017 No Comments

Research by Accel and Qualtrics examined how female and male Millennials are perceived by their peers in the workplace. When asked who they perceived to be more effective leaders, more millennial men (38 percent) than millennial women (14 percent) said men were more effective leaders. However, the same percentage of millennial women and men (17 percent) said that women were more effective leaders in the workplace.

The research also asked about gender preference in the office. Specifically, Millennials were asked if they prefer to work with people of their own gender. More men (72 percent) said they preferred to work with other men. Sixty-six percent of millennial women said they prefer working with other women.

Surprisingly, millennial men were more likely than millennial women to report that they felt discriminated at work because of their gender. A little over a third (33 percent) of millennial men said they felt discriminated because they were male. Only 21 percent of millennial women reported feeling this way. Further, millennial men were 50 percent more likely to report that their gender affects their career opportunities.

The research also addressed meritocracy. Respondents were asked whether they believed that men and women are judged by the same criteria in the workplace. Approximately 41 percent of millennial women reported men and women were judged based on the same criteria at work.