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Millennials Going Rogue Politically

By July 11, 2017 No Comments

Millennials are highly dependent thinkers and politically pragmatic. Research by Accel and Qualtrics examined how Millennials view politics. When it comes to politics, Millennials are mavericks. A little over 40 percent of Millennials reported that they didn’t attach themselves to the Republican or Democratic parties.

Millennials are also big supporters of same-sex marriage. Sixty-two percent of Millennials reported supporting same-sex marriage. They were 27 percent more likely to support it than Gen Xers. In addition, they were 77 percent more likely than Boomers to support same-sex marriage.

Millennials value organizations that support political causes aligned with their own. Seventeen percent of Millennials reported being less likely to purchase from companies that do not support similar political causes. Additionally, 42 percent of Millennials reported being more likely to purchase from companies that do support similar political causes.

Both millennial Democrats and millennial Republicans agreed on the topic of wage caps. Eighty-eight percent of Democratic supporters agreed that government should cap executive pay at private companies. Seventy-two percent of Republican supporters believed in such wage caps.