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What Do and Don’t Gen Zers Want When Shopping?

By October 9, 2017 No Comments

Ayden conducted a survey of 2,010 U.S. consumers in an attempt to understand what Generation Z individuals favor and do not favor when it comes to shopping. Gen Z shoppers are big fans of “just walk out” stores. These stores allow shoppers to simply pick up the items that they need and have the store automatically charge their account. Thirty-nine percent of Gen Z shoppers hope that “just walk out” stores will happen in 12 months.

Gen Z shoppers also prefer showrooms. Showrooms are physical spaces for consumers to examine products and then buy these items online. One in three Gen Zers want showrooms to be commonplace in the next 12 months. In addition, half (50%) of the Gen Z shoppers said that showrooms could drive 50 percent more shopping. However, the shoppers do not have the confidence in retailers’ abilities to get the trend anytime soon. Only 22 percent expect showrooms to happen in the next two to five years.

Augmented reality and virtual reality is also becoming popular for Gen Z shoppers. Such technology would allow shoppers to see how clothing fits or how furniture would look in their homes. Forty-four percent of Gen Z shoppers wanted augmented reality/virtual reality technology to come to fruition within the next 12 months. However, slightly less than a third (28 percent) do not expect it to happen in the next two to five years.

Gen Z shoppers do not appreciate all forms of shopping-facilitating technology. For example, one of the most cutting edge security technologies uses biometric data like scanning a fingerprint or retina. Twenty-three percent of Gen Z shoppers thought this technology will be used for shopping in two to five years. However, a little over a third (35 percent) said they did not want this feature to be part of future shopping.

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