Truth or Dare Campaign

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2017 Winner for live social video


Once a year, Wrigley’s 5 Gum releases Truth or Dare specialty packs for teens and young adults to play with their friends. Each piece of gum is wrapped with a challenge, creating the ultimate fun, “Do I or Don’t I” moments for gum chewers.  5 Gum wanted to promote the limited-time packaging by elevating the Truth or Dare experience with a program that offered both scale and influence.


Part 1

VidCon: Truth or Dare

The partnership officially kicked off at VidCon with a massive Truth or Dare activation, where fans were invited to go outside their comfort zones alongside SMOSH talent, to participate in live Truth or Dare challenges.

It was at VidCon, where the 5 Gum sponsored SMOSH Live was announced—a first of its kind, SNL-inspired sketch show filmed in front of a live studio audience, and livestreamed on YouTube.

SMOSH Live was born when 5 Gum challenged the brand to do something big that would force them to step out of their own comfort zones. Performing without the safety net of retakes and post-production edits did just that.

The announcement received extensive media coverage from outlets including The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Chelsea Handler’s Netflix series, and many more. By leveraging the largest online video conference as the place to promote SMOSH Live, SMOSH was able to build incredible enthusiasm and anticipation for the upcoming August event.


SMOSH Live Full Episode


SMOSH 5 Gum Custom Commercial

Part 2

An Industry First: SMOSH Live

Held at the YouTube space in Los Angeles, SMOSH Live was a highly-produced event that required months of writing, rehearsing, choreographing, and set-building. As a first-of-its-kind in digital, SMOSH presented a unique opportunity for 5 Gum to reach a massive audience with a premium TV-style ad program, but with a key element that networks can’t deliver— live social interaction for fans to experience the event together.

With 5 sketches performed on multiple sets, 6 commercial parodies, and a pre-and post-show featuring the SMOSH cast participating in a fan-selected dare, the 5 Gum sponsorship was seamlessly integrated into the show with an immensely positive reception from viewers.

Integration elements included:

  • In-show Truth or Dare custom commercials (similar to TV ad pods) featuring SMOSH talent and product integration
  • 5 Gum TV-style on-screen billboards and callouts
  • A Truth or Dare post-show
  • Onsite 5 Gum branding and sampling
  • Sponsored BTS footage of the making of SMOSH Live





Fan Engagements


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