Couch Hard!

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Totino's Objectives:

Objective 1:

With Super Bowl LII on the horizon, Totino’s wanted to leverage the event’s popularity to promote a social media contest targeting “Instapendents”—their term for outgoing, independent, and creative adults who gravitate towards companies and products that fit their instant lifestyle.

The contest asked the “Instapendents” to create and submit their own video examples of how they “couch hard,” meaning, how they spend their much-deserved fun time on the couch with their friends. If selected as the winner of the contest, the lucky entrant would win a year supply of Totino’s and the ultimate Super Bowl viewing party.

Objective 2:

To establish credibility with “Instapendents” and get them excited to submit their entries, Totino’s sought to partner with influencers who not only have significant followings, and the expertise to create quality content for the campaign, but could also generate a substantial number of engagements and UGC submissions.

The content was to feature examples of how the influencers “couch hard,” and to be created solely for social media.


Part 1

SMOSH and Clevver Couch Hard

Between SMOSH and Clevver, the brands have built a loyal following of more than 74MM+ combined fans. Both brands used their own popular programming formats to create content that made “Instapendents” excited about the contest and the videos.

SMOSH, and its gaming focused off-shoot, Smosh Games, created fun challenges to show off their competitive sides. Through pizza roll tower building contests and more, the SMOSH personalities used their signature humor to get fans excited about winning the Totino’s contest.

With their music videos and 2 Types of Girls series averaging millions of views, Clevver used these popular formats to create different posts across Facebook and Instagram—reaching a massive female following. Using their always-inclusive approach to content, they showed off how they “couch hard” with their friends on Super Bowl Sunday.


SMOSH: 100 Blankets Challenge


Clevver: 5 Types of Girls Music Video

Part 2


SMOSH and Clevver both used the hashtag “CouchHardSweepstakes” and cast members called out the sponsorship and contest at both the front and end of the videos. Additionally, Totino’s branding was featured across all posts.

The Couch Hard program included:

  • 6 SMOSH and Smosh Games Facebook and Instagram posts (Including Totino’s branded Instagram Stories)
  • 9 Clevver Facebook and Instagram Posts Facebook and Instagram posts (Including a music video and a Totino’s branded Instagram Stories)



Total Facebook Minutes Watched


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