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Giant Junior Bacon Cheeseburger

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Objective No. 1

Building upon the success of their 2017 value offerings, Wendy’s wanted to ensure the $5 Junior Bacon Cheeseburger offering was top-of-mind for consumers when considering their QSR options.

Objective No. 2

With the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger being a popular menu item, Wendy’s also wanted to tap into that brand equity to break through the advertising clutter.

Objective No. 3

To measure campaign success, Wendy’s wanted to position their messaging in front of content that would deliver significant engagement through video views or interaction with content.


Part 1

The Power of SMOSH Content

Since the beginning of 2017, Wendy’s has made headlines with their playful roasting of competitors (and pretty much anyone else) on Twitter. Always topical, SMOSH shared the hilarious tweets across its own Facebook page, and their fans ate it up. Across 2 posts highlighting these tweets (completely separate from any paid media), the posts earned 14K+ combined comments, positive reactions, and shares.

With a clear affinity built toward the Wendy’s brand, badging SMOSH programming was a turnkey way to continue to stay top-of-mind with fans, guaranteeing large and predictable viewership numbers.


One Hour Song Machine


SMOSH Pit Weekly

Part 2

SMOSH Pit New Series

Announced at the DEFY 2017 NewFront, the popular SMOSH 2nd Channel was rebranded to SMOSH Pit, with even more premium unscripted series was added to the channel’s existing programming. The new lineup expanded to science, music, nature, and pop-culture commentary series that brought new formats to the channel’s 5MM+ subscribers.

To inform viewers of the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger promotion, SMOSH developed a badging opportunity previously unavailable on their content. Using bumpers integrated roughly 30 seconds into episodes—a key retention timeframe for audience interest and engagement—Wendy’s was able to easily and unobtrusively align their messaging in a way that was sure to be seen and remembered by viewers.





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