The DEFY Creators Program

When you join DEFY’s Creators Program, you will collaborate with a team dedicated to growing not just your specific channel, but your business across every platform that matters to today’s consumer. This personal level of service means working with our experts in content and channel optimization, merchandising, sponsorship, content distribution, and monetization—taking your channel further than you ever thought it could go.

You’re in Good Company with DEFY

Because we’re behind some of the most popular digital brands in the world, partnering with us means working alongside some of the best digital talent in comedy, entertainment, gaming, and lifestyle. We’re committed to building opportunities around great talent and providing unique creators like you the support to grow even bigger, so we leverage content synergies unique to our community in order to help your brand flourish.

We Champion Creative Content

Equipped with top-notch production services, established relationships with young audiences, and the world’s top brand advertisers and content syndicators, we have all of the necessary tools and insights to expand your footprint and allow you to keep doing what you love to do.


Chris Stuckmann

Adelaine Morin