Smosh Games

“One of the most successful gaming oriented channels”

– Polygon

There is much more to gaming culture than just playing games

Starring some of the biggest personalities in gaming, Smosh Games is made up of 7 influential cast members, including a 2017 Forbes top gaming influencer, an official US competitor for Xbox’s Forza, and even a recent competitor on Survivor. Through programming like episodic series, out-of-the-studio physical competitions, and livestream gameplay, Smosh Games entertains fans in a way that goes above and beyond sharing tips and tricks.



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  • Grand Theft Auto V online has never been played like this before! Every week is a new adventure and a new way to cause even more mayhem in the GTA universe.
  • The Smosh Games crew steps away from their controllers to take on some of the most popular, and and even some of the most bizarre, table top games.

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